Hogwarts Course Book Tag

During these hectic and dismal times, I thought it only fitting to bring back a little bit of magic to the world. I’ve created a book tag, #hogwartscoursebooktag to bring us home to our favorite magical world. I am tagging http://www.wizenqamot.wordpress.com https://thehufflepuffnerdette.wordpress.com/ and https://maevaeatsbooks.wordpress.com/ and challenging you and anyone who wants to try, to find books for each of the Hogwarts course themed prompts below. The only catch? No repeat books!


Look to the stars for they have secrets and stories to share. In Astronomy class your professors ask that you find a book with a prophecy in it.


A class about charms deserves a charming professor. Find a book with a swoon worthy (charming) hero.

Defense Against The Dark Arts

If there could be only one bookish heroine/hero to defend you against “he who shall not be named” who would you chose? Find a book with your favorite fierce protector.


The flora and fauna of any literary world add depth and magic to any book. Find a book with a bookish world you would like to visit.

History of Magic

It is only when we look back that we can truly understand the power of the present. Find a book that is set in the past.


Whatever your opinions are of Professor Snape, we must admit his morals were not always the best. Find a book with a morally grey narrator.


Taught to our first years here at Hogwarts, flying is an integral part of our curriculum. Whether used just for travel or if you decide to pursue a Quidditch career, our flying course will take you to new heights. Find a book with an uplifting message. Can’t think of one? Then find a book so good, not even Neville could forget.


Professor McGonagall teaches us all how to master the art of changing one object into another. Find a book with a plot twist so shocking that it changed the entire book.

Hogwarts Electives

For all my 3rd years and above the time has come to pursue a higher education. Find yourself enrolled in some of the most interesting courses Hogwarts has to offer.


There one minute and gone the next. Find a book series that ended too soon.


Alchemy or as I and some of my fellow professors call it, Magic Chemistry deals primarily with the four elements, fire, earth, air and water. Find a book character who possess elemental power.


Looking for the answers to the future in the numbers of our present? Maybe be you’ll find the answers in an unreleased book. What is your most anticipated new release?

Care of Magical Creatures

Looking to be a magizoologist, like Newt Scamander? Find a book with a main character who isn’t human.


Seeing the future can be a difficult task. Find a book that was spoiled for you.

Muggle Studies

For some the lives of muggles may seem mundane. But we pride ourselves on producing well rounded students. Sometimes the mundane can be interesting. Find your favorite contemporary book.

Ancient Runes

The study of ancient runes is a way for us, as wizards, to rewrite and understand in a new light our own history. Find your favorite mythology retelling.

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